Magazine Cover - Time magazine

As one of my last projects of the year i was set the task to produce a magazine cover for a magazine of my choice, but with one of the criteria that i would be shot in the studio. I knew from long before we got the brief that i wanted to shoot for Time Magazine, a magazine i would love to work for in the future. Time magazine is a political magazine all about current affairs. The covers are often of great/not so great leaders and business people. This ranges from Obama, Gaddafi, the pope to Mark Zuckerberg, Bill gates and Steve Jobs. Because of these kinds of personalities i knew that i would need to find someone suitable for a time magazine cover. Obviously i couldn't get either Obama or Gaddafi in front of my camera, so i went for the next best which is our head of the creative department at MDX University, Phil Healey. As you can see from the photos he really suits the cover quite nicely.